Industry-leading payment platform for resellers

Value-added resellers, managed service providers, and distributors maximize their returns and close more deals when they leverage Vartana for all sales contracts.

With an all-in-one payments platform and CRM app, sales reps are able to eliminate back-and-forth communications, and finance deals with higher limits.

Payment flexibility helps eliminate budget constraints

Financing is a win-win as sellers get paid upfront and buyers benefit from keeping cash on hand and making payments over time.
Close deals in
record time
Improve sales
Leverage new
cash to grow

Benefits of financing with Vartana

Vartana helps resellers offer financing as a payment method with ease, ensuring they close more deals, eliminate paperwork, and increase cash flow on day one.
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Deploy a fully white-labeled, end-to-end, financing experience
Qualify customers
instantly, directly from
your CRM
paperless deals
for up to $500,000
Control who pays the financing rate (buyer, seller, split)

Faster and safer than traditional financiers

The Vartana platform eliminates all communications between financiers and customers, resulting in faster, smoother closings, and less risk of losing customers to banks or financial institutions.

Partnered with leading enterprises

Get the best with
the Vartana Capital Marketplace

The Vartana Capital Marketplace powers our white-labeled and CRM-embedded customer financing platform. The marketplace operates on intelligent algorithms that match deals on our platform with the best financing option available from a national network of enrolled lenders. Resellers, gain access to:

  • Market-leading financing rates
  • Dozens of financing partners
  • Fast deal turnaround
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