Meet the Vartana Capital Marketplace

The Vartana white-labeled and CRM-embedded customer financing platform is powered by the Vartana Capital Marketplace. Numerous intelligent algorithms match requests with the best financing options offered by a national network of lenders and banks.

Benefits for sales, finance and buyers

  • ~85% of deals are automatically approved
  • Provide only one, final quote to a customer
  • Own your capital arm rather than introduce a 3rd party financier
  • Get paid anytime: today, tomorrow, next year
  • Mitigate risk with non-recourse financing
  • Access the best rates in minutes
  • Pay on any terms: monthly, quarterly, or annually
  • Enjoy the highest market approval rates
  • Sign contracts in minutes with market-placeleading funders

Get the best rates
and highest approvals

Powered by six proprietary matching algorithms, Vartana identifies the best terms for each deal, ensuring the highest approval rating and market-place leading pricing.

How Vartana
services buyers

Vartana services and invoices buyers for each contract agreement, regardless of lending source. This keeps the invoicing process consistent and saves time.

Want to join the Vartana Marketplace?

Hundreds of deals are being processed by Vartana each month, and we’re looking to add more funding partners to expand credit variability and approvals. Please contact if you are interested in joining the Vartana Capital Marketplace.

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