Vartana supports all SaaS sales models

Rely on Vartana to get deals across the finish line so your world-class service never gets impacted by customer churn risk, term negotiations, or discounting debates. Leverage Vartana to:
Limit payment
Eliminate churn risk for
short and long contracts
Increase average
conversion rates
Sell longer
(multi-year) contracts
Capture more
contract renewals
Decrease rep
commission clawback

Financing benefits for SaaS companies

Payment flexibility helps sellers eliminate payment hurdles. With Vartana, enjoy higher conversion rates, less discounting, and most importantly, happier sales reps.
Monthly Payments
Challenges without Vartana
  • Customer churn
  • Large AR risk
  • Long CAC payback period
Benefits with Vartana
Guaranteed contract payment
No AR risk
No CAC payback period
Annualized Payments
Challenges without Vartana
  • Lower deal conversion rate
  • Increased deal discounting
  • Inconsistent payment cycles
  • Less flexibility for customers
Benefits with Vartana
Decreased discounting
Higher conversion rates
Upfront contract payment
Total payment flexibility

Benefits of financing with Vartana

  • Easily introduce financing to a new buyer audience
  • Deploy a fully white-labeled financing experience
  • Control who pays the financing rate
  • Offer the best rates with the Capital Marketplace

Partnered with leading enterprises

Benefits of the Vartana Capital Marketplace

The Vartana Capital Marketplace’s algorithms match with the best financing option available from a national network of enrolled lenders. Vartana users gain access to:

  • Financing acceptance rates near 85%
  • Market-leading financing rates
  • Dozens of financing partners
  • Fast deal turnaround
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