Simplify your sales motion with Vartana

  • Qualify customers in your CRM
  • Generate and share multiple proposals
  • Offer flexible payment terms and collect payment

Track deal status
and close bigger deals

With Vartana, sellers are able to unlock customer budgets and close deals faster with real-time deal tracking, payment flexibility, and a fully integrated buyer purchasing portal.

Close deals in 3-steps, right from your CRM

Send multiple executable purchase options

Collect eSignature and payment, 24/7

Receive purchase order and get paid

Partnered with leading enterprises

Benefits of closing every deal with Vartana

Close deals in minutes

Share multiple quotes, collect signatures & track deal stage

Unlock future budgets

Offer payment plans to decrease price sensitivity

Increase cash flow

Receive up to 5 years of contract value on day one

The win-win of B2B payment plans

Benefits for sales teams

Close bigger deals & end price sensitivity

Stop EOM discounting

Eliminate sales/finance deal friction

Increase cash flow

Benefits for buyers

Maximize balance sheet cash flow

Make any product or service affordable

Become agile with monthly payment

Free up cash for new business activities

Payment plans vs sales discounting

Providing financing as a payment option helps sales teams reduce their average discount and maximize for profit.

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