Derisk your sales model.
Add debt-free cash flow.

Leverage Vartana to eliminate customer churn risk, guarantee payment
and derisk accounts receivable.

How Vartana helps finance teams

default risk
forecast variance
cash flow
Reduces CAC
payback period
Eliminates non-
standard collections
Eliminates XFN
team friction

Vartana benefits for finance teams:

Leverage Vartana to increase cash flow and
scale 3rd party financing needs.

  • Control who pays the cost of financing
  • Offer market leading rates and approvals
  • Gain real-time visibility into credit approvals

Help teams close more deals and limit risk by providing payment flexibility for goods and services. Financing helps:

  • Eliminate budget hurdles
  • Set easy to follow pricing rules
  • De-risk ARR and minimize DSO
  • Eliminate customer churn
  • Avoid recourse

Vartana Capital Marketplace

The Vartana Capital Marketplace powers our white-labeled and CRM-embedded customer financing platform. Intelligent algorithms match deals with the best financing option available from a national network of enrolled lenders.

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