How Vartana helps B2B companies make sales

It’s no secret that B2B software and hardware companies have high-quality products that are deserving of top dollar. But with budget constraints affecting a large number of businesses, the procurement of these products can be hindered or delayed. As such, companies are increasingly looking for payment flexibility to help them manage their cash flow and boost financial resiliency.

August 4, 2023
Blaine Basset
Head of Product Marketing

This is where Vartana comes in. This tech-forward financing platform helps businesses integrate payment options into their CRM, making it easier for sales reps to close deals quickly, equipping sales teams with efficient financing infrastructure that adds value to potential clients.

The financial situation for many businesses it tight, and with the market stability wavering, businesses are looking for new solutions to help them grow. Companies are tightening their belts and being careful with investment decisions. This means that even when businesses need software and hardware, it’s becoming challenging to make such purchases. This results in missed sales and deals. Many B2B software and hardware companies and organizations are experiencing this on a daily basis. The good news is that Vartana offers an alternative that can benefit both buyers and software/hardware sellers.

By using Vartana, software and hardware companies increase chances of closing deals faster by offering payment flexibility options that allow buyers to pay for products at their convenience instead of all at once. As a result, businesses can move forward with their procurement needs without harming their cash flow or the opportunity too heavily.

In partnering with Vartana, sellers can now offer buyers payment options for products that results in normalization of account receivables. With buyers typically taking up to six weeks to send payment once a sales order has been submitted, Vartana's customizable financing platform enables them to purchase now, instead of falling into a sales cycle that could take months to continue traditionally.

That’s not all. Vartana provides companies with a quick and easy way to integrate financing with their CRM, ensuring that sales reps can provide payment flexibility options instantly to potential buyers without having to go through the extra steps common in traditional financing to get deals closed.

Vartana is leading the charge in providing companies with the payment flexibility they need to keep business going and make sales amidst these tough times. With its innovative financing platform, it is possible for software and hardware companies to offer their products with more flexibility, confidence and customization that boost sales-driven strategies. Through Vartana, potential buyers can pay at their convenience, rather than at a fixed time, resulting in faster sales closure and quicker receipt of payments. Vartana also fits into the workflows of sales teams, offering them the tools they need to be more successful and lower the chances of losing out on sales opportunities. Ultimately, Vartana is the game-changer for brands committed to being a leader of B2B software and hardware products.

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