Presenting the Bold New Look of B2B Financing

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, adaptability, innovation, and reliability are paramount to success. At Vartana, we are thrilled to announce our recent rebranding, representing a significant shift in our identity. With a refreshed outlook that reflects our core values, now more than ever, we intend to empower buyers and sellers, lead the charge in modernizing the B2B sales closing and financing process, and maintain our unwavering commitment to reliability. Join me in this blog as we delve into the reasons behind our rebranding and explore the exciting dimensions we bring to the world of B2B commerce.

July 20, 2023
Blaine Basset
Head of Product Marketing

Our updated branding embraces the vibrant color of coral, symbolizing our dedication to empowering buyers and sellers in their business endeavors. We understand traditional B2B processes can often be rigid and limiting, hindering growth and success. Vartana’s CRM-embedded widget (offering seamless sales closing and financing) offers a more flexible way to conduct business, allowing both buyers and sellers to effectively achieve their goals.

At Vartana, we provide a seamless B2B checkout experience that streamlines the purchasing process for buyers. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interfaces, we ensure that transactions occur smoothly and efficiently. Sellers experience this extension of empowerment by tapping into our frictionless financing options that remove barriers for buyers and enable them to close deals quicker.

Our bold blue signifies our commitment to innovation and leading the charge in modernizing the B2B closing and financing process. We recognize that for the B2B industry to accelerate, it must adopt to transformative technologies. Rather than fear change, we eagerly embrace the challenge of reinventing the status quo.

Through the power of advanced algorithms and data analytics, we introduce novel solutions that revolutionize the way sales teams conduct business. Our innovative product optimizes transaction efficiency, improves decision-making, and enables seamless integration with existing workflows. Vartana’s fully white-labeled offering makes the sales closing process incredibly easy for sales teams, and even easier for buyers.

Incorporating the steadfast color gold into our new branding, we emphasize our unwavering commitment to reliability and prosperity. At Vartana, we understand the importance of trust and dependability when it comes to supporting sales teams and ensuring seamless closing experiences.

At Vartana, we combine our deep industry knowledge with a progressive mindset to offer a reliable and trustworthy platform. We strike the perfect balance between time-tested methodologies and modern innovation, providing users with a platform that works seamlessly and consistently. Businesses rely on our expertise to navigate the complexities of the B2B checkout world and can be confident in our ability to facilitate successful financed transactions that help them achieve their objectives.

Combined, our colors represent the pillars we will continue to stand on as we seek out and build the perfect solutions for modern B2B financing. We speak with prospects and customers every day looking for a solution to the antiquated 3PF industry and we are thrilled to already be partnering with many enterprise customers today including Domo, Samsara,, and more. If you’d like to learn more about Vartana and how your company can leverage payment flexibility to close more deals, please request a demo.

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