Hey ChatGPT - What is B2B financing?

As the world has been taken by the ChatGPT / AI storm, the Vartana team has been striding forward with new innovations to make B2B financing easier and more widely accepted than ever before. Today, we’ll interview ChatGPT to hear the 411 on “What is B2B financing” and what are the benefits of financing a business purchase, be it software, hardware, or both. 

May 2, 2023
Blaine Basset
Head of Product Marketing

“Hey ChatGPT, what is B2B financing?”

B2B financing, also known as business-to-business financing, refers to the financial tools and services available to companies that primarily deal with other businesses. Companies use this type of financing to purchase goods or services from other businesses.
B2B financing can be used to help businesses manage their cash flow and reduce the risk of supplier or customer defaults. It allows companies to purchase goods or services without having to pay for them upfront by providing the option of making payments over time.
B2B financing can be obtained from a variety of sources including traditional banks, alternative lenders, and financial institutions. The terms of financing will vary depending on the type of funding and the source of the funding. Additionally, the interest rate and repayment terms of financing will also vary depending on the source and type of funding.

As ChatGPT so pointedly described, B2B financing is a payment method leveraged by buyers to preserve cash flow and make the purchase of B2B products easy with payment flexibility—monthly payments, deferred payments, etc. For sellers, by eliminating default risk and decreasing AR collections, B2B sellers providing financing as a payment option is quickly becoming the norm. 

Today, financing a business purchase without Vartana is not a simple feat. A buying company must enter the negotiation phase, land on a price for the service/product, work with a bank to receive financing, get qualified for financing, sign contracts with a bank, sign a contract with the service provider, and provide payment to the seller. It’s a lengthy process, but, if you know the benefits of financing a B2B purchase, it can be completely worth it. Vartana automates this entire workflow creating a self-service financing option for sales teams.

Hey ChatGPT, what are the benefits of offering B2B financing to sales prospects?

Hey ChatGPT, what are the benefits of offering B2B financing to sales prospects?

“Offering B2B financing to sales prospects can have several benefits:

Increased sales: By offering financing options, businesses may be able to sell their products or services to customers who may not have been able to afford them otherwise.
Competitive advantage: Offering financing can help a business stand out from its competitors and can be a key differentiator in a crowded market.
Improved cash flow: B2B financing can help businesses receive payment for their products or services more quickly, which can improve cash flow.
Better relationships with customers: By helping customers finance their purchases, businesses may be able to build stronger, more long-term relationships with them.
Increased revenue: By providing financing options, businesses may be able to increase their revenue by selling more products or services to customers who would not have been able to afford them otherwise.”

As ChatGPT so clearly stated, there are many benefits that sales and finance teams reap when offering payment plans. With Vartana, enterprise sales teams are growing their monthly revenue, unlocking stuck deals, decreasing their AR risk, and more. To learn more about Vartana and learn how Vartana is helping enterprise sales teams close more deals, please visit

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