Increase cash in hand and extend your runway

Increase deal sizes, improve conversions, and automate workflow from quote to cash.

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Finance your deals at lightning speed

Get automated decisions directly within your CRM.

Robust integrations

Integrates with your CRM for instant financing and discuss budget in real-time.

White-labeled checkout

Reduce friction by offering a seamless customer checkout experience.

Centralized agreements

Streamline communication by unifying contract signatures and payments.

All-in-one financing

Finance all services, software, hardware  through one payments platform.

Increase deal size

Land larger purchases by offering customers OPEX spending.

Increase conversion

Get ahead of competition with instant financing to avoid “time kills deals”

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Do everything on one platform

Organize cross-functional workflow by centralizing payment processing, contracts, and invoice collection in one place.

Avoid delinquent payments

Pay merchants upfront while offering your customers payment plan options.

Streamline reporting

Access purchase orders, agreements, and invoice updates on one platform.

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Automate AR process

Streamline communication by unifying contract signatures and payments.

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