Robust one-stop 
closing platform

Steamline closing by giving your customers a B2C-like checkout for B2B. Offer your customers flexible payment options, collect signatures, and improve speed-to-cash collection.

Your customers can pay now, pay later, and pay over time

Increase conversion by offering your customers flexible payment options while you get paid on day 1. It's their choice from pay over time and net term options to paying upfront with credit cards or ACH.

Centralize agreement signatures and payment validation

Forward quote swiftly to capture the correct signer and gain insight into every step of your customer's order progress. Agreements and payment validations are completed in one workflow. Don't wait to forward an invoice to collect payment.

Even more ways to win

Cut cost on e-signatures

On average merchants save 30% when eliminating traditional e-signature tools.

Smarter CRM integrations

Generate payment options instantly for creditworthy customers within your CRM so sales teams can move faster.

Foster proactivity

Guide customer to deal completion through live-updates, send followup links, and upload documents on their behalf.

Click-to-accept adoption

Collect signatures by scribbling or use our click-to-accept feature to eliminate agreement abandonment.

White-labeled experience

Build trust and reduce friction by offering a seamless customer experience with your branding.

Neat financial hand-off

Customer’s payments are validated and Vartana sends payment directly to your finance team.

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