Simplify your sales motion with Vartana

Whether you call it B2B payment plans, financing, BNPL, buy now pay later or small business loans, the ask to pay monthly or quarterly is the now the top request for sales reps.

Leverage Vartana to ensure finance teams are paid on day one and let buyers pay monthly, quarterly, net 15 - net 120, or now in full.

Offer financing to close
more deals, faster



or less to create and
share a financed quote



to get from credit review
to decision


days saved when
financing with Vartana



faster than a traditional
financing company

Payment transparency

Payment flexibility helps sellers power through negotiations and unlocks cash flow for everyone

Pay now in full

Leverage Vartana to streamline communications, track payment status, validate buyers’ payment information and capture electronic signature captures.

Defer payment

Allow customers to defer payments for up to 120 days and leverage Vartana to reduce DSO. Offering net terms ensures full, upfront payment, for goods or services as soon as they have been received by the buyer.

Pay over time

Unlock cash flow for all with payment plans. With a ~85% financing acceptance rate, customers keep cash on hand and pay over time, while sellers receive the full contract value upfront on day one.

Benefits of financing with Vartana

Financing helps sales teams close more deals and limits financial risk by offering buyers payment flexibility.

  • Eliminate budget hurdles with payment flexibility
  • Minimize bad debt and customer churn risk
  • End clawbacks on sales commission
  • Guarantee customer payment

Vartana helps teams close more deals, increase cash flow, and track payment status. Vartana helps:

  • Get from credit review to decision in < 15 minutes
  • Enjoy a fully white-labeled financing experience
  • Control who pays the financing rate
  • Get the best rates with the Vartana Capital Marketplace

How funding works—the Vartana Capital Marketplace

The Vartana Capital Marketplace intelligently matches deals from the Vartana platform with enrolled lenders. Smart algorithms match each deal with the best available financing options. Sellers receive funds upfront while customers pay with the terms they need at the best possible rate.

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