Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vartana?
How can I get my team set up with Vartana?
Can I invite a friend to use Vartana?
What is the fee to use Vartana?
Does it cost anything to sign up?
How secure is Vartana?
What is a personal guarantee?
Is Vartana a factoring company?
Is Vartana a broker?
What payment options does Vartana accept?
Does Vartana accept payment through bill management platforms?
How does Vartana affect revenue recognition?
How do I connect Vartana with my CRM?
What are order stages?
What are appraisal stages?
Who can complete an agreement?
How do resellers get paid by Vartana?
Can I send multiple quotes with Vartana?
Do I need to tell my customers that we're using Vartana?
What kind of accounts do I need to connect to get started with Vartana?
What is a buyer's credit limit and how do I see it?
What happens if a buyer churns? Who is at risk?
What financial documents are needed from my business?
How do I update my banking info on file?
What financial documents are needed from my business?
How do I make payments?
What information is required for approval?
What are the benefits of identity verification?
What is Plaid? Is it secure?
How do I keep track of payments?
How do I contact Vartana?

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